Beauty Style Invigorating Argan Elixir Eye Serum
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Beauty Style Invigorating Argan Elixir Eye Serum

Beauty Style Invigorating Argan Elixir Eye Serum

Intensive rejuvenating concentrate was developed especially for skin around eyes. The serum actively firms, invigorates, softens and moistens skin, eliminates signs of fatigue and stress.

Benefits if Arganda Spinosa tree oil are known and highly valued by cosmeticians long ago, that's why it is added into skin, hair, nail care products. Beauty Style's scientists went further and after numerous studies and research developed a new line based on argan stem cells where concentration of benefits hundredfold more than in oil! Argan Elixir Eye Serum is an intensive recovering product based on phyto-stem cells of argan. It slows down aging processes, invigorates skin and treats wrinkles.

Invigorating Argan Elixir Eye Serum brings you bright eyes with captivating look!

The serum has light texture which is perfectly absorbed and assimilated by the deepest layers of skin. Due to its active components the serum visibly invigorates and recovers skin tone, reduces crow's feet around eyes, softens and moistens.

Argan phyto-stem cells  are a source of energy for delicate skin around eyes, they enhance local immunity, provide anti-oxidizing, fight against free radicals efficiently. In addition, they stimulate fibroblast function resulting in improved production of skin structural elements such as elastin and collagen.

Marine pectin triggers cell drainage processes, prevents inflammation, eliminates skin irritation and redness, enhances local immunity by increasing skin ability to resist external negative factors. 

Hyaluronic Acid  provides skin with necessary moist, helps keeping moisture balance, lifts, tones, and recovers skin turgor.

Light texture of Argan Elixir Serum does not weight the eye skin down and active components return youth and luminosity to the skin. Try an unique serum with argan phyto-stem cells and get quick and visible results!

Active components:

Zostera Marina extract, Squalen, Argan stem cells, Purslane extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bisabolol, Hyaluronic Acid.

Package: 10 х 5 ml