Beauty Style Rejuvenating Argan Elixir Face Serum
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Beauty Style Rejuvenating Argan Elixir Face Serum

Beauty Style Rejuvenating Argan Elixir Face Serum

Active serum for skin with signs of fatigue and aging. The serum intensively recovers and softens skin, treats wrinkles and eliminates signs of fatigue and stress.

Argan oil is called a liquid gold for its unique recovering and rejuvenating properties, this is why this oil is widely used in cosmetology. And Beauty Style's scientists studied in depth the unique properties of this oil and extracted a new component - argan stem cells which contain much more benefits! Invigorating concentrate with argan stem cells is perfectly absorbed by skin, it improves skin efficiency, enhances protection from negative impact of external factors, returns natural youth and freshness.

Argan Elixir Face Serum is an elixir of youth for your skin

Face serum complex is enriched with vitamins and trace elements which penetrates into skin deepest layers.

Phyto-stem cells extracted from argan enhance energizing of skin cells, eliminate free radicals, fight against aging efficiently. This unique component improves fibroblast function  -  "a factory" for collagen and elastin production - which results in firmer and tighter skin. 

Panthenol (vitamin В5) has a low molecular weight and so easily penetrates into deep tissues, immediately moistens, softens and soothes skin from within. Panthenol triggers skin reparation and regeneration and improves function of all skin structures. 

Hyaluronic Acid balances moisture level in skin and keeps skin hydrated. Hyaluronic acid makes skin smoother, decreases wrinkles.

Use Argan Elixir Serum as needed and very soon you will see your skin condition turns for the better!

Active components:

Oat proteins, Squalen, Argan stem cells, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bisabolol, Hyaluronic Acid.

Package: 10 х 5 ml