Кислородная моделир. терапия с молочком улитки 6амп*5мл + 6 масок*30мл Beauty Style для лица
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Кислородная моделир. терапия с молочком улитки 6амп*5мл + 6 масок*30мл Beauty Style для лица

Snail Secretion Oxygen Sculpting Cure

Treatment of skin with aging changes, stressed and flabby skin, correction of double chin and reshape of face contours. The treatment preparations firm skin, rebalance water level in skin, neutralize action of free radicals, make skin smooth and soft.

A unique component, snail secretion or snail slime is an universal care of skin of all types. Remarkable snail secretion content is successfully used in cosmetics thanks to its amazing regeneration properties.

Beauty Style laboratories combined great properties of snail secretion with immense capabilities of oxygen masks; so oxygen treatment provides maximum action.

Sculpting Cure is recommended in the case of face contour change and double chin problem; it provides profound toning action on skin and help to reduce amount of fat in the chin area. The mask active components slow down aging process by neutralizing free radicals, enhance recovery process and moisturize skin.

When Oxygen Lifting Cure is used?

  • aging changes
  • flabby skin, changed face contour
  • double chin
  • uneven skin colour and dull complexion
  • stressed skin, wrinkles

Oxygen Sculpting Cure Kit includes:

  • Snail Secretion Oxygen Mask
  • Sculpting Serum

Snail secretion based oxygen mask  actively rebalances moisture in skin, firms, improves elasticity and tones skin. Mask active components efficiently eliminate skin irritation and flaking returning comfort and sense of harmony.  Mask application improves complexion and evens skin colour, makes skin smooth and soft. Activating biological processes of cellular respiration the mask enhances metabolism which improves skin appearance significantly.

Mask active components: Keratin amino acids, Prickly Pear stem cells, snail secretion filtrate, Panthenol, Serine, Sodium Hyaluronate

Sculpting Serum boosts  lipolysis process by L-carnitine and caffeine contained in the serum, and helps to reduce double chin. The serum active components firm skin, sculpt face contour by returning contour fineness. The serum provides excellent moisturizing, boosts recovery process, smoothes and softens skin.

Serum active components: Oat proteins, Ivy extract, Spirulina extract, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Soy isoflavones, Panthenol, Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Sodium Hyaluronate