Eye Anti-Wrincle bio cellulose mask
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Eye Anti-Wrincle bio cellulose mask

Eye Anti-Wrincle bio cellulose mask

Bio-Cellulose mask for delicate skin around eyes. It provides comprehensive treatment and protection, has rejuvenating effect, helps to decrease wrinkles, eliminates signs of stress and tiredness on skin.

The mask is made from natural material, bio-cellulose, derived from ultrafine fibers created by Aceto-bacterxylinum. This micro-thin panniculus has nano-level thickness of fibers and equals to 1/1000 of human hair. Bio-cellulose is used in cosmetology and medicine as an universal matrix which acts as a transmitter of active components and also has excellent moisturizing and regenerative properties; it may be used for any skin type.
Because of it structure the bio-cellulose perfectly keeps active content of the mask, its absorption properties 100 times greater as compared with nonwoven synthetic masks. Bio-cellulose mask for skin around eyes has compressive effect which favors intensive lymph efflux eliminating congestion and puffiness.

Active components, included in the content saturating the bio-cellulose, moisturize skin and enriches it with essential nutrients, neutralize action of free radicals, slow down aging process.
Seaweed extract concentrate (Palmaria Palmata) enhances micro-circulation and so boosts oxygenation and drainage. Having Palmaria extract, the mask decongests, decreases dark circles around eyes, signs of stress and tiredness.
EGF factor evokes reparation of damaged tissues, stimulates fibroblasts function and collagen and elastin synthesis by participating in regulation of intercellular interaction. Growth factor improves skin structure and appearance and smoothes skin by stimulating regenerative process in skin.
Hyaluronic acid combined with moisturizing effect of bio-cellulose hydrates and lifts skin, decreases wrinkles around eyes.

Benefits: moisturizing, decreasing depth of wrinkles around eyes, softening and toning, decongesting and reducing dark circles around eyes.
Active components: marine trace elements , seaweed extract, EGF, hyaluronic acid.